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White Fillings

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e-consultations can reduce wait times for available appointments and improve accessibility to speciality expertise for our patients. They offer an appealing, new way for fast, direct and documented, secure communication between the patient and practitioner or clinic staff.  They are free of charge and are designed to enable you to find out more about our aesthetic or dental treatments from the comfort of your own space.  The process is very simple, and takes just minutes to complete via our outlined form.

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What are fillings?

Fillings are the most common type of 'restorative treatment' in dentistry. Restorative treatment is generally needed because decay has caused a cavity to form in a tooth and fillings are, in many cases, the first treatment option for decayed teeth (provided that the decay is in its early stages and has not progressed too far). It is the least expensive type of treatment. Filling a tooth literally means placing material into the tooth to replace the decayed tissue. Many people are very conscious about the way they look so don't want the silver fillings of old (that show when they laugh or smile) and there are now new materials available that are equally as long lasting as the silver ones but much more natural looking. The life expectancy of a white/natural filling can greatly depend on where it is placed  in the mouth and also how heavily the teeth come together when biting. estetica can advise you on roughly how long your fillings should last.

Is it worth replacing my old amalgam fillings with white ones?

It is usually best to change fillings only when your dental team decides that an old filling needs replacing. In some cases we prefer not to put white fillings in back teeth, as they are not always successful, and this would be overcome by a crown or inlays. But, this can mean removing more of the tooth and thus more expensive.

estetica are experts in facial aesthetics, anti ageing treatments and skin care, specialising particularly in the non-surgical and revolutionary cosmetic procedure.s

Cosmetic Prices

Chemical Peel   

£ subject to consultation


£400 (course of two required)

Lip Filler



£ subject to consultation

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections

Mostly Used Services








30 minute Child

30 minute non-air flow

45 minute Crystal Hygiene (incl Airflow)

60 minute Diamond (incl Airflow)


£150-£400 per tooth

£225 per tooth

Composite (white) from

Composite Bonding from




14 aligners both arches

14 aligners both arches



teeth whitening


Mostly Used Services

We provide general and advanced restorative, high quality, expert dentistry and all-round cosmetic dentistry for adults and children using the latest, advanced technology.

Dental Prices

Best Prices On The Market!

-Mrs Blount

"Following a childhood accident I have never been happy with the shape of my front teeth. I felt cosmetic surgery was an option and went for a consultation at Estetica with Dr Salimi in summer 2007. He explained all of my options clearly and I decided on whitening followed by 6 veneers on my top front teeth.

After the whitening process and 2 visits for the procedure I had a brand new smile by October. A year on with no problems whatsoever it's been one of the best decisions I've made and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

Thank you from one very happy client."


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