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Endolift Treatment in London, UK

As we age, we lose facial volume and can develop undesirable changes in particular contours of the facial construct, including not only loss of fat but also an increase in fat deposits in certain areas. These areas have always been extremely challenging to treat and eliminate, until now. For a fraction of the price but equal in results, Endolift treatment, this much less invasive, never-before-seen procedure, is now the solution.

Dr Salimi's tool, an innovative, medical-grade endolifting facial laser, penetrates and stimulates both deep and superficial layers of the skin to tighten and sculpt the lower face and neck in a way that only a surgical facelift has ever done before. But it is in his artistry that the true beauty of this treatment lies. With just one single treatment, your skin will be significantly firmer and more toned, with much less laxity and reduced jowls, leaving you looking more youthful and feeling great.

This highly personalized procedure is guided by Dr Salimi's expertise in comprehensive endolift facial assessment, stemming from years of mapping out asymmetries, regions of volume loss, and resting/dynamic facial expressions - the foundations upon which he builds all his treatments. The results with Endolift treatment are mostly instant and continue to improve up to 12 months post-treatment, lasting up to 2 to 3 years, subject to following a recommended maintenance program.

Endolift is a testament to the combination of innovative technology and skilled expertise, offering a minimally invasive solution to contour the jawline, restore skin elasticity by boosting collagen, and dissolve fat. The endolift before and after results are immediate, long term, and with no downtime, truly setting a new standard in the field of esthetics.



90-120minutes, 1 treatment needed

Procedure time:



Immediate and ongoing. Up to 4 years

Result duration:

Treatment Overview

Estetica Packages Price List 2024

Endolift Packages

Full Face (Upper Cheek to Upper Neck), inc 1 Prophilo


Full face & Neck including 2 Prophilo


Double Chin and Upper Neck


estetica Signature Neck Treatment (combincation)


Body (abdomen)


Body (knees)


Combine endolift with one of our filler packages, and get 20% off the total (excluding prioral rejuvination)

Special Offer

Bespoke Packages

To find out about how our following bespoke packages can help you, simply book your 30 min consultation by calling 01932 570099.

  • Hydration

  • Restore and hydrate

  • Soften or sharpen

  • Skin tone and collagen

  • Special day and Weekend

Free E-Consultation

e-consultations can reduce wait times for available appointments and improve accessibility to speciality expertise for our patients. They offer an appealing, new way for fast, direct and documented, secure communication between the patient and practitioner or clinic staff.  They are free of charge and are designed to enable you to find out more about our aesthetic or dental treatments from the comfort of your own space.  The process is very simple, and takes just minutes to complete via our outlined form. In addition, you get to know the endolift cost during an online consultation session.

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  • A minimally invasive laser treatment that remodels both deep and superficial layers of the skin, tones, and stimulates collagen production.

    The skin tightening created by Endolift® is strictly linked to the selectivity of the laser beam, through a single use  micro-optical fibre which is guided by the skill and personalisation of Dr Salimi and painlessly inserted under the skin without incisions or general anaesthetic.

  • A consultation is always first required.
    The time needed for the Endolift treatment appointment is roughly 2 hours, but this is not all treatment time.  During this appointment you will have consent forms to sign, photographs taken, diagrams and numbing.  The treatment itself takes about 1 and a half hours.

  • Not at all as you will be numbed with local anaesthetic injections first.

  • Endolift is one of the very rare procedures that you can see some effects immediately. The results last from 2-3 years depending on the skin structure and the level of problems.  The response and duration of the effects is patient dependent. Some results are seen immediately,with results starting to show after 4 weeks when you will have endolift reviews) and after 3 months the results keep improving continuing up to 6 months

  • After the procedure, some redness and swelling may occur and possibly some bruising may develop; however, these will subside gradually and mostly patients can resume normal activities immediately.  And don’t forget, results keep improving for a few months after the treatment.  SO you will just keep getting better and better!

  • Not with Dr Salimi’s expertise and skill.  We don’t treat those areas with filler because Endolift can dissolve filler but this will all be established and addressed in your consultation.

  • The beauty of Endolift is that it is a great treatment for all ages, every age has it’s own advantages for the benefits. However, the response to the treatment is age related and responsive.

  • The endolift laser cost in UK depends on several factors such as,

    • The specific area being treated 

    • The number of sessions required 

    • Personal preferences 

    Contact us for more information.

  • Yes, endolift laser under eyes is an absolutely safe treatment. Dr. Salimi is a qualified and experienced medical professional to perform the procedure. Also, we assess your suitability for the treatment and discuss potential risks and benefits with you. So you can be assured of safety with us. 

  • Yes, we offer 11 months interest free finance on endolift in London.

  • Yes of course, it is a perfect choice for combination treatments such as fillers, Profhilo,

    Sculptra, Chemical Peels, Anti-wrinkle Injections.  However, treatment timing is crucial and will be determined by Dr Salimi in your consultation and discussed with you.

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