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Composite Bonding

What is a Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is principally used for filling chips, fractures or gaps between teeth, or for fixing discolouration. A composite resin is attached to a tooth and shaped to restore its original appearance by building up layers that match your teeth colour so it appears natural. 

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e-consultations can reduce wait times for available appointments and improve accessibility to speciality expertise for our patients. They offer an appealing, new way for fast, direct and documented, secure communication between the patient and practitioner or clinic staff.  They are free of charge and are designed to enable you to find out more about our aesthetic or dental treatments from the comfort of your own space.  The process is very simple, and takes just minutes to complete via our outlined form.

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estetica are experts in facial aesthetics, anti ageing treatments and skin care, specialising particularly in the non-surgical and revolutionary cosmetic procedure.s

Cosmetic Prices

Chemical Peel   

£ subject to consultation


£400 (course of two required)

Lip Filler



£ subject to consultation

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections

Mostly Used Services








30 minute Child

30 minute non-air flow

45 minute Crystal Hygiene (incl Airflow)

60 minute Diamond (incl Airflow)


£150-£400 per tooth

£225 per tooth

Composite (white) from

Composite Bonding from




14 aligners both arches

14 aligners both arches



teeth whitening


Mostly Used Services

We provide general and advanced restorative, high quality, expert dentistry and all-round cosmetic dentistry for adults and children using the latest, advanced technology.

Dental Prices

Best Prices On The Market!

Composite bonding is performed in several steps

  • Examining your teeth: We will take a close look at the tooth in question and plan our restoration procedure.

  • Preparation: At estetica we always first provide teeth whitening before any composite bonding is carried out to get your teeth to their optimum shade.  Once complete, the tooth in question is then roughened and etched using gel and then bonding primers and resin are applied. The composite can then be applied in stages and sculpted, allowing us to create a precise restoration in keeping with the neighbouring teeth.  Being a step by step build-up allows for a highly accurate result.  

  • Finishing touches: We match the pigments with your tooth shade and harden the area with a high-intensity UV light. Once this is done, the process is complete.

Hardeep Patel

My teeth were very small and misshapen and not as white as I wanted. I have always been to estetica as I trust in their work. I had no concerns before starting this treatment. The treatment I had was composite bonding with the whitening treatment, this was important to me so I could achieve a nicer, fresher looking smile. The quality of care, service, and professionalism were excellent. The major benefit since having the treatment is that I Feel more confident in my smile. I would advise anyone who is considering having any dental treatment done to go to estetica. 

I have been a patient of Estetica for a number of years, their level of professionalism is unprecedented.
I have recently moved from Surrey, to Bedfordshire, and still travel into the Chertsey branch - as I trust them implicitly.

Mrs Adamson

Following consultation with Dr Salimi, dental implants were recommended; all my questions and concerns were answered in depth. Detailed information was sent to me on the proposed treatment, length of time expected and excellent competitive prices. I received expert painless treatment from Dr Salimi. All the staff were kind, very friendly and efficient; the service I received was exceptional. I am absolutely delighted with my dental implants. I not only look better, I smile with confidence and the results are brilliant.
I highly recommend estetica Dental Clinic with its up to date highly technical equipment and Dr Salimi's expertise and commitment in delivering quality dental treatment.

Claire R

I have been a client of Estetica for the last 8 years (facial injections). Dr Salimi is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and his expertise in facial injections is second to none.
He and his staff deliver the service with the utmost care, professionalism and attention to detail, and I am always very pleased with the results. I would not trust any other provider for this treatment, highly recommend.


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