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Winter Skin and Menopause

Winter can be particularly disruptive for skin, especially menopausal skin. The increase in dryness, loss of elasticity, sudden acne, and redness, combined with cold and unpredictable temperatures, can exacerbate skin issues.

These changes are often due to hormone imbalances. While HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) can improve skin condition to some extent, it might not always restore what's been lost or maintain the efficacy of skincare products used before menopause. This period is crucial for overhauling skincare routines and products with professional guidance.

skin tightening treatment

Parisa Bahramian, a partner at Estetica Clinics in Chertsey and Windsor and a full member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is more than just a qualified pharmacist. With a passion for skincare and extensive credentials, Parisa emphasizes the importance of finding suitable products and treatments to enhance changing skin tone, texture, and elasticity during menopause.

Having qualified as a pharmacist from Brighton University over 18 years ago, Parisa combined her medical expertise with facial aesthetics. At her Estetica Clinics, she offers tailor-made treatment plans, ensuring thorough consultations before any treatment. In a recent interview, Parisa highlighted the significant impact of menopause on the skin, emphasizing the rapid visible aging during this period.

While HRT can reverse some internal biological factors, it's not entirely restorative. At Estetica Clinics, they offer treatments like micro-needling, chemical peels, hydrafacials, Sculptra, and Profhilo, along with a range of products tailored for daily skincare routines.

Some notable procedures at Estetica Clinics for menopausal skin include:

Microneedling: Encourages collagen production by pricking the skin, leading to smooth and toned skin after multiple sessions.

Chemical Peels: Removes dead skin cells and stimulates new skin cell growth.

Hydrafacials: Uses a Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract, and hydrate skin.

Sculptra: An injectable collagen stimulant that restores facial volume with long-lasting results.

Profhilo: A unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel that counteracts skin laxity, improves firmness, and hydrates skin.

Estetica Clinics also houses high-performance machines like Tixel, a non-laser technology for skin tightening, and Intracel, a micro-needling device combined with radio frequency to boost collagen production. Before any treatment, Parisa conducts a VISIA skin analysis to determine skin type, identify problem areas, and create a bespoke skincare routine and package.


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