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Unveiling the Power of Visia Skin Analysis at Estetica

Visia Skin Analysis


In the quest for radiant and healthy skin, understanding its unique needs is key. At Estetica, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with a comprehensive insight into their skin. Enter the Visia Skin Analysis – a powerful tool that goes beyond the surface to unveil the intricacies of your skin health.

The Visia Difference

Visia is not just a skin analysis; it’s a revolutionary approach to skincare assessment. Utilizing advanced imaging technology, Visia captures high-resolution images of your skin, allowing for an in-depth analysis of various skin characteristics. From wrinkles and fine lines to pigmentation and texture, Visia leaves no aspect untouched.

What Visia Measures

1. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Visia meticulously assesses the presence and depth of wrinkles and fine lines, providing a clear picture of the aging process on your skin.

2. Pigmentation and Sun Damage

Sun exposure can have a lasting impact on the skin. Visia evaluates pigmentation levels and identifies areas affected by sun damage, enabling targeted skincare solutions.

3. Texture and Pores

Understanding skin texture is crucial for effective skincare. Visia analyzes pore size, texture irregularities, and overall skin smoothness to tailor treatment plans for optimal results.

4. Redness and Vascular Conditions

For those dealing with redness or vascular conditions, Visia assesses the extent and severity, guiding practitioners in creating tailored solutions.

The Visia Process

1. High-Resolution Imaging: Visia captures detailed images of your face, ensuring a thorough examination of every skin aspect.

2. Multi-Spectral Analysis: Using various wavelengths of light, Visia assesses different skin features, providing a comprehensive and accurate analysis.

3. Customized Reports: The analysis generates detailed reports, breaking down each aspect evaluated and offering a clear overview of your skin’s condition.

Empowering Personalized Skincare

1. Tailored Treatment Plans

Visia analysis enables our experts, including Mrs. Parisa Bahramian, to create personalized treatment plans. With a passion for knowledge and extensive expertise in pharmaceuticals, Parisa ensures that your skincare routine is customized to address your unique concerns.

2. Progress Tracking

As you embark on your skincare journey, Visia becomes a valuable tool for tracking progress. Follow-up analyses help measure the effectiveness of treatments and adjust strategies accordingly.


The power of Visia Skin Analysis lies in its ability to demystify your skin’s complexities, empowering you and our skincare experts, including Mrs. Parisa Bahramian, to make informed decisions. Whether you seek anti-aging solutions, pigment correction, or overall skin rejuvenation, Visia sets the stage for a personalized and effective skincare journey at Estetica. Experience the transformation – schedule your Visia Skin Analysis at Estetica Chertsey or Estetica Windsor today. Your radiant skin awaits. Sent from Estetica


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