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The Rise of Male Aesthetics

A few times a day, people scrutinize their appearance on digital platforms, paying close attention to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and more. This includes men. The new work routines are making everyone more self-conscious about their appearance, regardless of gender.

Men are becoming more aware of the benefits of having a youthful appearance and classically handsome features. It's not just about feeling more attractive. They understand that a competitive edge can be gained in the career market by presenting themselves in a well-groomed, maintained manner.

Think of it as taking the healthy eating lifestyle and regular gym routine one step further. By looking their best, they can boost their confidence and drive to succeed. Men are realizing the power behind these treatments in assisting them in the workplace. It's no secret that those perceived as more attractive often earn more and achieve greater success.

As the effects of aging become apparent, the desire to maintain a youthful and masculine look makes sense in a media-driven world. Men are inundated with images of the ideal male body shape and feel the need to live up to these expectations.

The emphasis on appearance is also heightened due to the prevalence of social media. People see themselves in photos more than ever, making them acutely aware of their looks. Men seek to maximize their masculinity as a way of excelling.

What are the most popular procedures amongst male patients at Estetica?

Apart from anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers are proving the most popular. They provide a natural look and contain bio-stimulating agents that restore a youthful yet masculine appearance when injected correctly.

Can fillers improve my jawline?

In the hands of an experienced clinician, dermal fillers for men can enhance the jaw structure and augment the chin, resulting in a more masculine look. Men desire an angular jawline with the right amount of definition, and we at Estetica can fulfill this wish.

Are any other treatments men are interested in?

Men are starting to understand the benefits of Sculptra, ideal for those who engage in lots of sports and suffer from lipoatrophy (loss of facial fat pads). Sculptra stimulates collagen production for a subtle yet fuller appearance.

Anything else to help with maintenance?

Men are recognizing the benefits of Profhilo, which improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, pores, and plumpness. We currently offer 40% off Profhilo at Estetica. Teeth whitening is another popular maintenance tool, and we also have a 40% discount on the Enlighten teeth whitening home kit at Estetica. Introducing cosmeceuticals to one's skincare routine can overhaul skin appearance and maintain a great look.

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