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​​The Botox Revolution: Transforming Your Smile, One Jawline at a Time.

We are currently face-deep in a revolution, a Botox revolution, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all as more and more people become aware of the full potential of this Toxin, both as an aesthetic treatment and a medical triumph for endless problems. The range of problems it can address is mind-blowing, from an anti-wrinkle treatment for the face and neck, hyperhidrosis in various areas, migraines, muscular spasms, Bruxism, gummy smile, facial slimming, atrial fibrillation, depression - the list is endless. It really is a marvelous discovery.


At Estetica every day we welcome patients coming for their regular anti-wrinkle treatments for frowns, forehead, and crowfeet, but we are also now experiencing a shift and huge incline in requests for smile transformations and jawline slimming. Botox has always been a name synonymous with the pursuit of a youthful appearance, but now patients are beginning to fully embrace and understand the power of Botulinum Toxin for other areas that we treat at Estetica.


Some individuals still harbor concerns regarding the safety of Botox injections. But these apprehensions, while understandable given that Botox is a neurotoxin, often stem from a lack of understanding about the nature of Toxin, its application, and its effects on the human body.

It is crucial to remember that Botox, when administered by a skilled and certified practitioner (not a beautician, but a qualified Dr who is also a prescriber), is considered safe for cosmetic and therapeutic use.

The Revolution of Botox Treatment

Botox began its revolution in aesthetic medicine after the discovery of its ability to inactivate the nerves that stimulate muscle contraction by way of blocking the neurotransmitters. These muscle contractions, over time, in the face, cause wrinkles in the outer dermis due to repetitive use - so in effect, the Toxin injections target the root of the problem from below the surface and also prevent further wrinkles from forming on the surface.

The importance of aesthetic practitioners' knowledge, qualifications and experience is paramount here as they must understand not only facial anatomy but also how different individuals use their muscles. Each treatment at Estetica is entirely patient bespoke with Toxin placement and dosage and our practitioners have a combined experience in the medical and facial aesthetics industry of 28 years, certified and covered by strict regulations.

Botox Smile Transformation

Botulinum Toxin can totally transform smiles and jawlines at estetica and here’s how:

For a gummy smile (also known as excessive gingival display), which presents itself when a patient shows more gum while smiling than is desirable, Botox offers a non-invasive solution by relaxing the muscles that control lip movement and allowing less of the gum to show.

Botox is also a very successful treatment for those who suffer from a downturned smile by treating the anguli oris muscle known as a depressor. With the overactivity of this muscle, a downturned smile occurs leaving a person looking sad, depressed or with a permanent frown. This muscle can be weakened with Botox and the smile can be altered dramatically with not only aesthetic benefits but also significant positive changes that can often result in mood-lifting too.

Botox for Jawline Enhancement

Jawline slimming is also gaining traction as a treatment in the Botox revolution. Having a sharp jawline can give a face the structure that it often needs and currently today, in the ever-increasing presence of social media, people are scrutinizing their faces more and more and investing heavily in their facial aesthetic treatments and procedures. Some people have the luck of genetics to thank for their aesthetically pleasing features, others have enhancements and tweakments, but after time and with age, whatever their circumstances, the defined look that they have acquired begins to drop and intervention is necessary.

Nowadays, additionally, teeth grinding (Bruxism) is becoming a very commonplace problem experienced by many it can also have a drastic effect on the jaw, making it wider and extensively changing its overall shape. Some people, from this, experience pain in their jaw, neck and shoulders as a result of the overuse of the masseter muscles and as time passes they begin to notice a change in their facial contour too from slim and oval, to wide and rectangular (even bulging at the sides).

In order to address both the issue of Bruxism and an over-accentuated jaw and return it back to a sleeker, more defined look, Botulinum toxin is used cosmetically to paralyze muscles by injecting the masseter either side of the jaw - the main muscles that help us chew.

Injections of botulinum toxin into this area will act to weaken the muscle. Functionally, this improves the pain often experienced from grinding at night in the jaw, neck, and shoulders. From a cosmetic perspective, this also helps to slim the muscle and create a more narrow lower face and more defined jawline. It will take a face that is more rectangular and strained in appearance and create a more heart-shaped or inverted triangle-type shape.

A firm knowledge of facial anatomy is key for excellent outcomes of botulinum toxin, not just for medical purposes but also for aesthetic purposes too. The location and function of each facial muscle in order to predict the patient’s desired outcome is imperative, including the muscle’s depth which varies according to position. With this must also come a strong understanding of the origination of each facial muscle and to where it attaches and is essential for correctly identifying and injecting the accurate muscle for the correct paralysis.

Smile Makeover with Botox

Many patients that we treat at Estetica are choosing to incorporate Botox as an excellent and highly recommended component of their comprehensive smile overhaul. Again this is patient bespoke (as with all treatments at Estetica). We house everything needed for a smile makeover from Award-winning Teeth Whitening kits to Invisalign, and then all the necessary treatments in order to frame your renewed, realigned, sparkling teeth such as Botox, Filler, Profhilo, PRF/PRP, Laser treatments, Chemical Peels, Skin Cosmeceuticals, RF treatments. Estetica is home to everything ‘Smile’, everything ‘Face, neck and beyond’. Not only that, we are also experts at it. Each and every treatment is patient-customized after an initial, in-depth consultation in order to attain maximum results for your individual needs. A dramatic addition to a smile makeover can also be accomplished by having Botox for the barcode wrinkles (lines around the mouth), smoker lines, marionette lines, and unwanted chin dimpling- huge markers of premature aging. Having the treatment for these areas really makes a difference, even as a preventative procedure. Helping to eliminate or keep them at bay can really put a beautiful frame around the hard work done on your smile and jaw.

Jawline Contouring with Botox

Botox is a highly effective, combative approach for an over-accentuated jaw (Masseter) muscle that also acts well as a treatment for contouring. By strategically relaxing the muscles, Botox injections can reduce the size of the jaw muscles and reshape the jawline, giving it a smoother, softer, more feminine contour. It is ideal for those who have a more masculine jawline from teeth grinding and clenching and also as a good preventative method towards teeth chipping, cracking or wearing if the patient does suffer from Bruxism or clenching. With the best practitioners comes the best results and in order to maintain these results the advice is to keep up with such treatments regularly whilst also discussing the possibility of incorporating other treatments at the correct time, intervals, and regularity.


The transformative power of Botox is well known, especially in the forehead, frown and crow's feet. But, it is becoming increasingly popular for smiles and jawlines with public awareness surrounding these types of treatment mounting rapidly.

Why not call us to book your consultation and embark on building your very own treatment plan with one of our highly experienced, qualified practitioners?


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