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The Art of Precision: How Dr. Sina Customizes Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Unveiling the Science and Creativity Behind Estetica’s Precision Treatments

At Estetica, we believe that anti-wrinkle treatments are not just about injecting Botulinum Toxin; they’re an art form. Dr. Sina Salimi, our esteemed Founding Partner and Medical Director with 22 years of experience, orchestrates precision treatments that go beyond targeting facial muscles. It’s about enhancing natural beauty, avoiding the frozen look, and achieving a fresh, youthful complexion.

The Evolution of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Once considered a luxury for the elite, anti-wrinkle injections are now a routine part of general well-being, thanks to their increased affordability. However, not all practitioners deliver natural-looking results. Dr. Sina’s precision treatments at Estetica focus on enhancing rather than masking, ensuring you avoid the dreaded deer-in-the-headlights appearance.

Before & After:

Say Goodbye to Frozen Looks

Forget the frozen look and emotionless faces of the past. Experienced practitioners at Estetica

can synchronize muscle actions to achieve a beautiful, natural result. This involves considering multiple factors, such as age, skincare routine, skin texture, and the type of wrinkles—static or dynamic. Dr. Sina’s approach opens up and freshens your overall complexion, addressing asymmetries, correcting eyebrow positions, and ensuring a personalized outcome.

Precision Beyond Wrinkles

We go beyond wrinkles at Estetica. Utilizing anti-wrinkle injections, we correct uneven eyebrows and improve eyelid ptosis. Dr. Sina and Parisa Bahramian emphasize the importance of looking at the whole face to ensure treatment results seamlessly fit into the overall complexion. This prevents stark contrasts between the upper and lower face, ensuring harmony in your rejuvenated appearance.

Holistic Skincare Solutions

Beyond addressing specific concerns, Dr. Sina and Parisa take a holistic approach to personalized skincare solutions. Your treatment plan considers your unique needs, ensuring every aspect of your aesthetic journey is tailored to you.

Evaluate and Tweak for Flawless Results

Creating flawless results is an ongoing process at Estetica. We encourage patients to return for evaluation of the treatment results and provide minor tweaks if needed. This commitment ensures your satisfaction and maintains the natural, refreshed look we strive to achieve.

Step into Estetica’s World

As you step into our Chertsey clinic or our Windsor location on the historic high street, you’re met with luxury, care, and a commitment to excellence. Our professional and approachable team, led by Dr. Sina and Parisa, ensures your journey is not just a treatment but an experience.

Schedule Your Precision Treatment

Ready to experience the art of precision in anti-wrinkle treatments? Schedule your appointment at Estetica Chertsey or Estetica Windsor. For personalized advice, explore our Free e-consultation.

Unveil a new you with Estetica—where science, innovation, and creativity converge for transformative skincare solutions.


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