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Long-Term Benefits of Endolift: Sustaining Youthful Skin over Time

Endolift is a new and innovative, minimally invasive laser treatment that remodels the lower third of the face and neck with a particular focus on the chin, cheeks, and jawline by boosting collagen, reducing cutaneous laxity, and correcting fat accumulations.


If you are troubled by over-lax skin, unwanted fat deposits, under-defined jawline, crepe skin, and jowls - those problems that have in the past only been addressed or corrected by traditionally invasive procedures with a huge amount of recovery time and pain - but do not want anything with pain, scarring, and in fact, the huge cost involved in a facelift, then this treatment is for you, and it is one of a kind, and will not only benefit you immediately but also long term too.

Endolift is also hugely beneficial for long-term skin maintenance too and also as a great component for anti-aging and age reversal. The results can be enjoyed further by combining it with other treatments and products such as Botox, profile, filler, and PRF. Information about these additional and complementary treatments can be found further on in our blog.

Endolift Treatment Benefits

Endolift is a laser treatment that works through a single-use micro optical fiber and is guided by the expert and experienced hands of Dr. Sina Salimi to remodel the lower third of the face and neck interstitially and via the superficial dermis.

The laser-induced, carefully selected heat, once inserted under the skin (painlessly - you will be numbed), causes immediate skin retraction and reduction in skin laxity and boosts activation of collagen production within the cell matrix. The effects are strictly linked to the selectivity of the beam used and its hitting of the two main components of the human body, water, and fat.

The procedure leaves you with minimal recovery time necessary and the results are not only visible immediately, but they also continue to improve for several months post-procedure after allowing for the collagen to build up in the deeper dermic layers.

A vast improvement of the skin architecture is evident with the structural proteins such as collagen and elastin naturally produced and boosted by the body in response to Endolift. Signs of rejuvenation are there immediately after the treatment, continuing through 4-8 weeks with results peaking at 9-12 months. The electrical current through the optic fiber also helps improve blood flow and stimulation to the muscle fibers - similar to the energizing effects of exercise on the muscles of the body.

Long-lasting Results with Endolift

Endolift sets itself apart from other laser treatments within the facial aesthetic industry as most only target the superficial, outer layers of the skin. Although these can still be very effective, they don’t have the ability to boast the long-term effects, or in fact, the ongoing ones of Endolift which targets the deeper layers of the skin and has a multifaceted result with its deep collagen stimulation, skin tightening, fat dissolving and skin retraction.

endolift laser treatment

Endolift works well alongside other skin rejuvenation treatments, often complimenting them and also benefiting from them. At Estetica, Dr. Salimi recommends having profilo with Endolift in order to boost collagen further within the dermal layer, all benefiting the foundations of the top layer. Anti-wrinkle injections are also great at working alongside Endolift in the many areas of the face they can treat by helping to reduce muscle movement and yet further reduce wrinkles. Fillers are also great by way of their lifting and also volumising effect which can further enhance the astonishing results of the Endolift. And of course not forgetting topical rejuvenation (especially if Cosmeceutical) which can overhaul skin texture and return its youthful glow, ridding any uv damage or pigmentation and in fact reversing it. All these additional treatments will be discussed at your end-lift consultation and added to your bespoke treatment plan where recommended.

Youthful Skin Maintenance

When it comes to achieving your desired aesthetic goals, preparation and maintenance is key. It is also important to be aware that with many treatments, results take time and responses differ from patient to patient. Combining injectables with medical-grade lasers is always a good route to optimize the health of your skin by allowing the skin cells to respond effectively to the laser and be further boosted by the components in the injectables. It is also important to understand the necessity behind consistent treatments in order to maintain results - again, a bit like going to the gym - a routine has to be kept up in order to benefit. For example, on reaching your desired muscular goal at the gym, if you stopped, the results would fade. The upkeep is the key.

Endolift for Aging Skin

Endolift is a highly beneficial treatment for people of all ages and sex. It helps blemishes (which develop over time with age) by promoting collagen and elastin, restores the skin barrier, and also promotes skin function whilst improving fine lines - 10% of collagen is lost every 5 years after the age of 30. Holistically it is also a brilliant treatment because no artificial product is injected into the skin - it relies on the response of your own body to the stimuli from the laser which ultimately targets the collagen production cells. Although the Endolift device is new to the market, the laser wavelength has been used in the aesthetic medicine field for over 50 years with numerous studies confirming its efficacy of this particular wavelength on collagen boosting, skin tightening, and skin cell rejuvenation.

Skin Rejuvenation for the Long Term

Imagine reversing the signs of aging and replenishing your collagen reservoir to compensate for the loss of collagen caused by natural aging - wouldn't you have this treatment?

Furthermore: Combining endo-lift with other medicated products such as Vitamin C Serums (prescribed high strength) and lotions, cosmeceutical Retinol, peptides, exosomes, and PRF is like combatting the process of facial aging from every angle - which is what we are best at estetica.


To conclude: Endolift is one of, if not THE most effective skin tightening devices in the field of aesthetic medicine today. Contrary to other devices, the Endolift laser energy targets cells directly and delivers laser energy within the dermis rather than on top making it a much more effective procedure and as a result, only one treatment is needed. The results are long-lasting, improving the skin barrier function whilst increasing elastin and collagen.

Book a consultation with Dr. Salimi to begin your journey toward rejuvenation and youthful skin maintenance.


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