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How Endolift Treatment Can Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin

Naturally over time our skin begins to show visible signs of wear due to a plethora of factors. The state of our skin is highly dependent on the side effects of aging (intrinsic and extrinsic), weight fluctuations, environment, mental factors (especially photo aging), gravity, hormones, and health (catabolic aging) Couple this with the reduction of collagen production that comes naturally with age (from the age of 30 we lose 10% of collagen and elastin every 5 years) and we are left with dermal issues that need addressing significantly in order to turn back the clock. Anti-wrinkle injections are a great way to address this (in certain areas of the face) but will by no means be sufficient enough to ward off the signs of aging in the long term and as a stand-alone.

Aging specifically affects tissue density with a knock-on effect in the mid-cheek area. Jowls appear, deep wrinkles, crepe skin, uneven distribution of some fat, and skin texture (- to name but a few). With all this considered we can end up looking older than our years and often as sad as we feel, if not more!

Turn Back The Clock With Endolift

For years, the only fully combative way of reversing the common signs of aging was surgery. Until now. Now, we are able to turn back the clock with a much less invasive procedure but with equally incredible results for rejuvenation and age reversal with little or no pain.

Endolift for Anti-Aging

Endolift is a specialist-skilled medical treatment that is only ever performed at Estetica by the highly trained Dr. Salimi in his clinical. It is a scar-free procedure that encourages collagen production, and skin rejuvenation and reduces hypodermal laxity all via a fiber-optic laser with immediate and long-term effects and benefits. The technology of Endolift has been “Pioneered by a team of vascular surgeons since 1999, ensuring a legacy of expertise and innovation behind its development.” It uses selective (practitioner-led) laser beams which are transmitted through specific single-use micro-optical fibers, marginally thinner than a hair, and inserted under the skin into the superficial hypodermis in order to contour and tighten. Being selective means that the treatment is fully bespoke to each patient according to their needs and rejuvenation requirements. It is also a fantastic procedure to combine in synergy with other aesthetic treatments to further boost and prolong the outcome for that overall wow factor.

Reversing Signs Of Aging With Endolift

Endolift is revolutionary and groundbreaking in both its procedural techniques and also its results. Not only does it reverse aging for the more mature patients, but it will also add definition and contour to places where it was lacking before in our younger patients whilst also being very effective for acne-scarring - in other words, it works wonders for all ages. Compared to other anti-aging treatments, there is nothing like it out there. (unless you are prepared to go under the knife for a full face-lift, and at a huge outlay). As an anti-aging treatment, it retracts the skin, tightening the jowl area, neck, and jawline, reducing wrinkles and boosting collagen in the deeper layers of the skin for an all-round, hugely rejuvenated look that gives back brightness and elasticity to the skin.

Experts in the field have hailed Endolift as second to none when it comes to non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures and represents the biggest breakthrough of almost every device on the market whilst obtaining very natural, long-term results that are immediately visible and keep getting better over time. It stands out as a treatment, not only for its innovation and its results (immediate and long term), but also for its non-invasiveness, minimal (if any) downtime and painlessness.

Endolift For Youthful Skin

Loss of firmness and skin sagging are the most common, visible signs of aging that affect the faces and also the confidence and self-esteem of many of our patients. Endolift works by decreasing the tension in collagen fibres, which makes them more flexible and also stronger. It also repairs the tissue and the elasticity of the skin which helps to reduce or avoid wrinkles and sagging. Its effectiveness is instant and immediately highly visible in some cases, but it is its long term benefits that are present for all cases. The treated areas continue to improve for several months following the Endolift procedure with the best moment to appreciate the results being after 6 months - then the improvement is really visible! To really ramp up the results, Dr Salimi recommends incorporating a course of Profhilo with the Endolift procedure. Other beneficial treatments to incorporate in order to maintain results will be discussed and advised on with every patient at their pre-treatment consultation.

The Clock Reversing Benefits of Endolift

As mentioned earlier, Endolift is a fantastic treatment for all adult ages. It can reverse the common signs of aging whilst also being highly beneficial for youthful maintenance by helping to restructure, remodel and boost the skin from within and specifically in the cheeks, jawline, mid-face and neck. It achieves an all-round tighter look and helps strengthen the skin against the gravitational muscle pull that we all suffer facially from over time with ageing with its collagen boosting properties. It can also very successfully work alongside other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, Profhilo, skin boosters, mesotherapy, PRF/PRP - to name but a few.

Another before & after:

Over time the soft tissues of the face and neck become lax and saggy– due to age, sun exposure and genetics. Additionally, the bony scaffolding of the face starts to reabsorb, while the facial muscles become weaker resulting in a lack of structural support for the skin and underlying fat. If left untreated, your appearance can become permanently tired looking, sad, or even angry.

In order to address these issues, in the past, only surgery has been an option. Surgical facelifts and neck lifts have proven to be highly effective and with impressive results but at a huge financial cost and with extensive recovery.

By comparison, turning back the clock with Endolift at estetica allows for an impressive lower-facial reconstruction and correction with minimal downtime and much less of a costly outlay. Loose skin becomes tighter whilst reducing submental and jowl fat – making it an impressive alternative to surgery and also a great foundation on which to build with estetica’s other fantastic treatments and procedures that can work in absolute harmony together and fully complimenting each other. One session of Endolift® is required and whilst the tightening effects can last for 1 to 2 years, some patients and doctors report results lasting up to 5 years therefore making Endolift the perfect procedure for patients who want a scar-less correction, with reduced cost and downtime.


In order to go ahead with Endolift, patients must first have a consultation with Dr Salimi in which a treatment plan will be fully discussed and advised on. Book here now for a consultation with Dr Salimi whilst there are available appointments.


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