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Estetica: In The Right Hands

Currently, in the UK, facial injections and fillers can be administered by non-medics with minimal training in non-medical settings. This poses risks and can burden the NHS due to improper treatment. Many reputable medical clinics, including Dr. Sina Salimi (Founder and Medical Director of Estetica Clinics for Berkshire, Surrey, and Greater London), advocate for stricter regulations to safeguard patients and the industry.

Dr. Salimi and his team emphasize that injectables and rejuvenating facial treatments are medical interventions, not beauty treatments. Such procedures necessitate medically-led assessments to ensure optimal decisions and should only be performed by medical professionals.

Every cosmetic procedure has inherent risks, and a practitioner's ability to manage complications differs significantly from a non-medic. Moreover, doctors have an extended duty of care beyond the treatment itself.

In today's image-centric world, with a surging demand for facial enhancements and rejuvenation, Dr. Salimi's Estetica Clinics provides a broad range of non-invasive, advanced treatments in a luxurious medical setting. With a combined experience of 37 years in the facial aesthetics industry,

Dr. Salimi (DDS/Sweden, MSC Aesthetic Med QML) and Parisa Bahramian (Mpharm, Member of Royal Pharmaceutical Society) employ both science and creativity. They tailor treatments using tools like 3D imagery and the VISIA machine, focusing on patient desires, realistic outcomes, and recommended plans.

What should I expect during my consultation at Estetica?

The consultation process is intricate. Parisa and Dr. Salimi invest in each case from start to finish. They understand the overwhelming information the public receives about available treatments. Their approach aims to clarify misconceptions about treatments and their effects. Some treatments are more effective when combined, while others might be incompatible.

Did you Know?

· There are 15 types of chemical peels. Each has slightly different outcomes.

· Various fillers have different consistencies for different skin depths and conditions.

· Many energy devices use ultrasound, micro-needling, radio frequency, and laser technology for collagen stimulation and skin tightening? How can you determine which is best for you?

The knowledge, qualifications, and reputation of the practitioner are crucial. Proper risk assessment, product knowledge, and selectivity are essential. At Estetica, you can be confident that you're in the best and safest hands throughout your journey.

For a free consultation, please contact us today, or use our amazing online e-consult service.


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