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Estetica Clinics

Dr. Sina Salimi, founder and owner of Estetica Clinics in Surrey and Berkshire, leads his skilled team of professionals. All are dedicated to offering the highest levels of dexterous care. As a respected expert in the science and art of facial aesthetics and dentistry with over 20 years of credentials and qualifications, he performs a plethora of specialist treatments that rejuvenate and enhance natural beauty.

Dr. Salimi approaches each patient as an individual. During every compulsory consultation, he mentally configures a treatment plan to help each patient celebrate their individuality through enhancement and bespoke procedures. His method divides the face into three zones: Upper, Middle, and Lower. Each zone has distinct muscular movements, anatomy, and dermic layers, which age differently.

Upper Face

The forehead is the superior region of the upper face. Repetitive muscular movement and photo ageing cause horizontal and vertical wrinkles. Loss of fat pads can lead to concavity and temporal hollowness.

Dr. Salimi fine-tunes the neuromodulators he injects, such as Botox™ and Azzalure™, to prevent further unwanted changes. He restores skin laxity and loss of fat pads with dermal fillers of varying volumes and density. He emphasizes the importance of choosing a reputable clinic and clinician due to the risks associated with treatments in the temporal and forehead regions.

The eyes, also part of the Upper section, require anti-wrinkle injections and fillers to rectify and prevent orbital socket decline, given their repetitive muscular movement.

Mid Face

The mid face involves the under eyes, cheeks, and nose. Photo ageing in this area results in changes in the superficial dermal layer, increased laxity, fat pad loss, and cranial transition. Each patient varies in anatomy, lifestyle, and age. Treatments tailored for the mid face areas include fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, collagen stimulants, and the groundbreaking Endolift, a skin-tightening specialist laser. All treatments must be carried out with precision.

Lower Face & Neck

This area includes the lips, chin, jaw, and neck. It's challenging to treat due to the lack of underlying structure, fat migration, and increased skin laxity. Dr. Salimi at Estetica Clinics treats patients with the groundbreaking Endolift technology, a minimally invasive medical laser. The results are immediate, long-term, and improve for the first few months after the procedure. A single procedure suffices.


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