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Case Study: Small Aesthetic Intervention, Impressive Outcome with Huge Impact

Transforming Faces with Minimal Effort

Imagine a smiling, beautifully transformed face—achieved with mere small tweaks!


In certain instances, captivating aesthetic outcomes don’t require drastic measures. It’s the subtle, almost inconspicuous alterations that can birth astounding transformations. Let's journey through the story of a patient whose face was remarkably transformed with minimal intervention.

Moving Away from a Square Face

Meet Our Patient:

  • They desired a softer, less square-shaped face.

  • Had battled teeth grinding and clenching during the day for numerous years.

Initial Assessment

With a stark, square-shaped face and consistent discomfort from teeth grinding and clenching, our patient’s situation was both aesthetic and functional.


Our proposed solution was straightforward yet effective—Botox applications to gently relax the masseter muscles.


Post-treatment, the changes weren’t just visible but were remarkably significant:

See Before & After:

  • Noticeable reduction of tension in the masseter muscles.

  • The before-and-after images are visually compelling.

  • Successful mitigation of the facial squareness.

Important Considerations

  • Profound knowledge of facial and dental anatomy is imperative.

  • While this treatment delivers aesthetic results and symptom relief, utilizing a night guard remains pivotal to prevent teeth damage from grinding.

  • A precise diagnosis is the cornerstone of successful treatment outcomes.

  • It’s imperative to understand this treatment might not be suitable for everyone—individual evaluations are pivotal.


The case study accentuates a pivotal point: sometimes, just a small aesthetic adjustment can wield impressive, life-changing outcomes. Both we and our patient couldn’t be happier with the results!


Outcomes can differ significantly between individuals. Engage with our experts to tailor your personalized treatment plans.


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