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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


Estetica Cosmetic Treatments
We offer a wide selection of effective non-surgical procedures & laser treatments, giving excellent aesthetic results & improving skin condition.

laser hair removal surreyIf you want state of the art laser hair removal Surrey has, you've come to the right place. Estetica provides services for laser hair removal in surrey with advanced technology. Our laser hair removal procedure is fast and safe.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

There are so many different procedures available these days that could provide you with the answer for a simple, yet often frustrating problem. Though many of us will no doubt be familiar with the titles these procedures posses, we may be less than acquainted with the actual treatments themselves and, as a result, a large number of people will end up missing out simply through a lack of prior knowledge. After all, the word itself, 'procedure' conjures up images of medical implements and cold, white walled surgeries. There is little truth to this misconception however, and simply as a result of better understanding the finer details of a procedure, you too could benefit long term.

One such process which many ignore as a result of their lack of understanding on the matter is Laser Hair Treatment. It might sound rather futuristic and troublesome, but this really could not be further from the truth. The actual technical side of the laser hair removal process may sound rather complex, but this should not worry you. Essentially, laser hair removal is the process whereby hair is neutralised at the source, the follicle. Lasers are used to treat these follicles, and their contents in order to stop hair from being produced. A follicle contains melanin, and it is this substance which gives hair it's colour. Laser hair treatment is very effective at removing melanin from the follicle and thereby stopping hair from growing where it is not wanted. To date, this treatment can only be implemented on dark hair, but this is often more than acceptable as it is those long, dark and unruly hairs that people tend to want to remove. The reason for this selective effectiveness is nothing to be concerned about. See, melanin comes in two forms, one of which is responsible for dark hair and another which creates the light, fair hair with which we are naturally covered (hairs which appear on your arms for example). Laser hair treatment is a hugely successful and risk-free way of removing these unwanted dark hairs by stopping them at the source, the melanin containing follicle and as such, this treatment is used widely and effectively. There are also different types of laser which can be used effectively within this line of treatment.

Popular formats include near infra-red lasers which can be used effectively on a range of skin types, though depending on your own personal pigmentation, different lasers might be used in order to remove your hair. Though this might seem worrying, in truth it should be anything but as these varieties of laser prove that over the last twenty years or so, since laser treatments were first conceived, a variety of tools has evolved with the procedure, helping to assure the safety of the patient whatever their skin tone or pigmentation. Though in recent years, home treatments which promise the same results as professional laser treatments have become popular, the results are not always as pleasing as the patient might have hoped. This is why having a trained and qualified professional undertake the procedure, with the correct equipment is the best choice for anyone who is interested in having laser hair treatment. Furthermore, it can on occasion take a number of treatments in order for the hair removal procedure to fully take effect, though short term results are likely to noticed almost instantly.

The big question of course, once any queries related to safety have been addressed is success rate; just how effective can laser hair treatments actually be? Well, over the years this line of treatment has been refined repeatedly and these days, the success rates are incredibly high. Even on areas such as back and thighs, large spaces where thick hair has become unmanageable, success rates vary from around 70% to 95% of all hairs being successfully removed after the course of treatments. When you plant this statistic next to one which shows that on average, a person can shave an area affected by unwanted hairs over 11,000 times in a lifetime it certainly makes for interesting reading. Another aspect of laser hair treatment which leaves most people wondering is that of discomfort. Just how painful is the process? Again, if you were to ask this question in the late nineteen nineties when the procedure became widely available to individuals across the globe, it might not have wielded a positive response. These days however, the process is practically painless; a fact which should hopefully reassure anyone who was unsure. All in all, should you be made aware of the facts (which hopefully you now are), there is no reason to fear laser hair treatment. The process is not only simple and effective, but could vastly improve your life, particularly if you happen to suffer from large areas of unwanted body hair and unlike shaving, these benefits are long term.

Download PDF Document: Laser Hair Removal Process.pdf

How is laser hair removal done in our Surrey laser hair treatment clinic? Here are a few quick pointers on the procedure:

  • A long pulse laser is used to remove hair from a defined area
  • These high-tech lasers have been developed after years of research and can only be done by a trained laser specialist or a cosmetic dentist
  • A laser parameter is then created, mimicking the the structure of the follicles of your hair
  • It is able to match the size, depth and location of possible hair re-growth
  • Removing hair follicles only require a few of these painless and fast laser treatments

At Estetica, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Why not find out the recommended laser hair removal Surrey can provide? Visit Estetica today for free consultation from our professionals.


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