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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book

Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


Estetica Dental Treatments
We provide general restorative dentistry for adults & children & advanced restorative dentistry, involving the latest technology in dental crown & bridgework.

Each time we smoke and the acids from the food we consume, discolours and stains our teeth. Brushing your teeth is good practice but sometimes this is not enough, especially with cases such as of a dead tooth which discolours and gets darker in the process. At Estetica we provide professional teeth whitening from £235. Estetica has one of the most advanced treatment for teeth whitening Surrey has to offer.

ALL Whitening cases subject to satisfactory clinical and radiographic examination.

Teeth Whitening Surrey

Whiter Teeth at Estetica  - Teeth Whitening Surrey Clinic

There are many different factors in our diets and general lifestyles that can, sadly, affect not only our long term health but our appearances to boot. Not all of these have to be harmful per say, but even everyday consumables which are supposed to be good for us can have negative results on certain parts of our bodies if not properly controlled. One area which is particularly prevalent when it comes to unwanted stains and ailments is the human mouth, and more specifically, our teeth. Though the old adage suggests that eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away, there is a flip side to fruits which might result in a slightly less pleasing response from your dentist. Acids which are prevalent in orange juice for example can not only damage the enamel on your teeth, but can lead to stains and darker patches than you might desire. Of course, there are far less healthy items which many of us consume which have an equally damaging effect on our smiles. Smoking cigarettes can lead to the staining of teeth, as can drinking coffee and wine and yet many continue to do so. So, how exactly can you manage to avoid staining your teeth whilst continuing to enjoy the things you love? It turns out that the answer is much simpler than you might have thought. Estetica offers a procedure which can completely remove any signs of stains or damage from your teeth, allowing for a clean white smile whatever you happen to enjoy in your own time. Teeth whitening is by no means a new concept however.

The general darkening of teeth happens over time. Even if you lead a life which includes no acidic fruits, no nicotine or caffeine and brush as is recommended, over time an adult's teeth slowly darken naturally as a result of mineral changes. The teeth of a child are rarely anything other than naturally white, but this will change over time. As a result there are many different approaches available in the teeth whitening market, some being more effective than others. These days, over the counter products which boast whitening properties are widely available. However, these are not always as effective as one might desire, particularly if the damage is prominent to begin with. Long term abuse can lead to damage within the tooth itself and often, over the counter products fail to address this issue and as such, can have little long term affect. You will no doubt already be familiar with the wide variety of gums, gels and even toothpastes which claim to have whitening properties, but if the damage is too severe, these will not only take time to show effects, they may offer little in the way of results at all. As such it is highly recommended that you frequent a professional before embarking on a course of tooth whitening procedures, the kind of professionals that can be found at Estetica, here in Surrey.

The actual procedure itself at Estetica is very simple and straightforward and, furthermore will not take (usually) any longer than 15 to 20 minutes in order for very positive results to become apparent. The positive effects that can come from undergoing whitening procedures is usually performed simply by employing a high concentration of oxidizing agent to the teeth with thin plastic trays. This process should only take a small amount of time and the results are often immaculate. The bleaching gel itself will not cause any irritation and when done by a professional, this process is highly unlikely to have anything but positive results for you and your smile. Depending on the type of damage and staining which has effected your teeth, the procedures can last a little longer than the expected 20 minutes, but this is why professional advice is a must. As some stains are caused by tetracycline, a prolonged process is likely but results should still be hugely impressive and much more pleasing than you might have thought possible. It is worth noting however that people who suffer from sensitive teeth might wish to discuss their dental needs with a professional before undertaking this treatment, but safe to say that results will often exceed expectation, as long as you are fully aware of your specific needs. Teeth, like finger prints are entirely personal and as such, everyone has different requirements.

At Estetica, these needs will be discussed at length, ensuring that your teeth and their whitening needs are met without issue. So, with the facts now firmly under your belt, why wait any longer? Cleaner, whiter teeth are perfectly attainable and the whole procedure and process is likely to be much easier than you might have once thought possible.

Download PDF Document: Whiter Teeth at Estetica Teeth Whitening Surrey Clinic

Our trained dentists will check your gums as well as your teeth before we start the teeth whitening procedure to check for sensitivities.
Give your teeth a brand new appearance with Estetica, the recommended teeth whitening surrey has.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and impartial advice on teeth whitening.