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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey
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Dental, Cosmetic & Laser Treatments in Chertsey, Surrey

Telephone 01932 570 099

Call 07821 119 351 between 6pm - 10pm to book


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Obagi© Nu-Derm™ System

Make your skin behave much younger with Nu-Derm™ and within weeks you will see the results.

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Obagi© Nu-Derm™ System

Make your skin behave much younger with Nu-Derm™ and within weeks you will see the results.

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Obagi© Nu-Derm™ System

Make your skin behave much younger with Nu-Derm™ and within weeks you will see the results. The Obagi© Nu Derm™ system is ideal for those suffering with:

  • Signs of ageing
  • Areas of pigmentation
  • Outbreaks of acne
  • Dull and lifeless skin

Obagi© Nu Derm™ is a skin restoration system which fights the signs of ageing and combats the harmful effects of sun, stress and pollutants. It promotes improved circulation to the skin, aids skin hydration and regulates the cell turn over deep within the skin where the collagen and elastin are produced. This results in the skin becoming firmer, tighter and glowing. It achieves what over the counter products just cannot reach, that is real and long-lasting results. Once you use this system you will never go back!

Obagi© Nu-Derm™ System

How it Works

The system improves the functioning of 3 skin cells: Melanocytes, Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts. It also stimulates new vessel growth to improve circulation to the skin. These actions are achieved by means of the Therapeutic Cascade.

Reduces overactive melanocyte production

The Obagi© system starts by correcting hyper-pigmentation which otherwise leads to freckles and age spots. It acts to distribute melanin evenly.

Repairs keratinocytes

Keratinocytes are cells produced by the deep basal layer of the skin and are needed for skin structure and tone. By repairing this layer the system also achieves improvements in tone and texture with an overall skin tightening effect.

Stimulates fibroblasts

Obagi© also increases fibroblast production of elastin and collagen. These are the proteins which improve the strength and resilience of skin.

Angiogenesis Stimulated in the dermis

It also improves the skins supply of vital nutrients because it stimulates improved circulation.

What to expect

There are 4 phases to transformation with the Nu-Derm™ system. The length of time between these phases varies from person to person and depends on various factors particularly age, skin type, amount of skin damage and daily compliance with the products.

Phase 1 Out with the Old

The Obagi© system penetrates the deepest layer of skin to correct the signs of ageing. During treatment you may notice:

  • Freckles, age spots and uneven dark patches are beginning to fade
  • Redness
  • Dryness and flaking of skin
  • Acne or wrinkles may temporarily look worse

These are all normal reactions and indicate that the treatment is working. This phase typically lasts for up to 6 weeks during which time you will start to notice a visible improvement. This stage requires commitment because the redness and flaking of the skin can be significant as the old unhealthy dead skin layers. Hence the term "Out with the old".

Phase 2 In with the New

As stimulation continues, you begin to notice significant improvements in your skin and you begin to look younger. Normal healthy cells are moving to the skin's surface faster, melanin cells are distributed more easily and collagen and elastin production is increased. You can expect to see:

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Further fading of freckles and dark spots
  • Tightening of pores
  • Subsidence of redness and flaking
  • Improvement in acne
  • As the skin begins to tolerate the products and the reactions subside, your skin will look and feel much improved.

Phase 3 Healthy Glow

All your skin cells are in the process of transformation and receiving an increasing supply of nutrients. Healthy strong collagen and elastin production is occurring and your skin will feel and look much smoother. Your skin is well hydrated, evenly coloured and much more resilient.

Phase 4 The New You

To maintain your skin's new healthy condition, it is important to integrate Nu-Derm™ as a permanent part of your daily skin care regime. By continuing with the treatment you can maintain your new youthful appearance, help prevent further damage and improve the anti-ageing effects of other treatments and products you use.

Your skin will have unrivalled glow and feel silky to the touch. Outbreaks and blemishes will be significantly less and you will radiate with a more youthful look.

The Obagi© Nu-Derm system comprises of:

  • Step 1 – cleanser – am + pm
  • Step 2 – toner – am + pm
  • Optional vitamin C serum
  • Step 3 – Clear – active hydroquinone 4% - am + pm
  • Step 4 – exfoderm / exfoderm forte – am only
  • Step 5 – blender used in conjunction with tretinoin cream – pm only
  • Step 6 – sunfader – am only
  • Optional healthy skin protector – am only

Obagi© Tretinoin™

This is a powerful prescription only Vitamin A derivative and forms part of the Obagi©
Nu-Derm™ system.

Tretinoin™ is also known as retin A or retinoic acid. Although initially marketed to treat acne it became rapidly apparent that tretinoin was remarkable at treating ageing skin. In fact, most anti ageing products on the market now contain retinols because of this role. However they can only sell watered down versions of this product. By obtaining it on prescription you too can achieve the following anti-ageing benefits that it provides:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Stimulate new collagen production, leading to firmer and healthier skin
  • Increase turnover of cells, aiding exfoliation
  • Minimise acne and excess oil production
  • Obagi© Tretinoin™ can be used alone but is often used in conjunction with the Obagi nu-derm system

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