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Zoom Tuesday Special Offer

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Dental examination, Zoom whitening, plus home kit:

Was £450 but is now available for just £198 on Zoom Tuesdays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm 17 am I suitable for Zoom?  - NO! At Estetica, Zoom is done from the age of 18.

I am pregnant can I have Zoom? No

I have veneers and crowns on most of my front teeth, can I have zoom? No! Zoom affects only on natural teeth

I am having dental treatment with another dentist, can I have zoom at Estetica? No, you need to complete your treatment before having Zoom with us

My teeth are hyper sensitive, can I have Zoom? There is a possibility for hypersensitivity after Zoom. Usually this is manageable and temporary. This can be further discussed at the time of your check-up prior to a possible Zoom treatment.

Do I need to see a dental hygienist before my zoom treatment? It is advisable to see a hygienist prior to Zoom treatment

How long does it take? Count on 2 hours session

I am claustrophobic, is this treatment suitable for me? No

Is there a parking? Estetica does not have allocated spaces for patients. However, call the reception an hour before your appointment and we may be able to arrange a space for you.

If I change my mind on Zoom with short notice, do I get my deposit (payable at the time of booking) back? No, the deposit is there to secure attendance. Your dentist's appointment times are valuable! Short notice won't allow us enough time to offer the 2 hours appointment to another patient.

I have recommended members of my family to have Zoom at Estetica, can I/we have a multibuy discount? No

Tuesday is not a good day for me; can I have the treatment done on another day? Not at the offer price. The cost of the treatment on any other day is £420

Will my pre-treatment examination be free of charge if I am not suitable for Zoom? No, you will be charged £30 for your examination.


Adults, over 18, non-pregnant with minimum restoration and no decay on 10 upper and 10 lower front teeth can have zoom if:

  • They are not allergic to the material,
  • Don't suffer from severe sensitivity
  • Are not claustrophobic

Please note that our policy on these points will not change as we believe these are set having the best interest of the patients in mind.

What happens on the treatment day?

On arrival, you will be asked by a member of our staff to fill in a medical history form and read through and sign a consent form. You may want to remember or make notes on any questions you have with regards to the information given to you in the consent form so you can discuss them with the dentist providing Zoom.

The dentist will do a basic dental examination to ensure that you are within the criteria of suitable patient for Zoom. Your examination will include radiographs. The purpose of this is to eliminate reasons for complications as much as possible.

The present shade of your teeth will be taken; you will see the shade being compared and help decide on the shade. Photographs will be taken for future reference.

Impressions will be taken from your teeth in order to make whitening trays to be used at home after your Zoom session.

You will be positioned in a comfortable position in agreement with the dentist as you will be in this position for at least 15 minutes. You will be given protective glasses.

Your teeth will be isolated as instructed by the manufacturer of the whitening kit. This will mean that all soft tissue around your teeth including your lips and part of your face will be protected against the harshness of the whitening gel and the light.

Only after all protective measures are taken, the activator of the gel and whitening gel will be applied on your teeth. This will be repeated 4 consecutive times, each time removing the old material and applying a new layer allowing it to whiten your teeth with maximum efficiency under the Zoom light.

What happens after the treatment?

After your treatment, a new shade and photograph will be taken from your teeth. You will be going home with instructions and information for aftercare and your confident new smile!

Your results will be reviewed after your home whitening is finished in a short appointment. And of course you can always contact us if you need to, prior to your review appointment.

Terms & Conditions

  • Estetica Needs 72 hours cancellation notice otherwise your deposit is non refundable.
  • Cancellations need to be made by phone. In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, please call Estetica on 01932 570099.
  • Treatments will be carried out subject to satisfactory examination and consultation. Estetica has the right to decline the treatment. In the event that no treatment is carried out, you will receive a full refund.
  • Estetica reserves the right to cancel or move the appointment in case of any unforeseen circumstances.  If  the suggested appointment time is not suitable you will receive a full refund of your deposit. However, you will not receive any compensation.

About Dr Sina Salimi

Dr Sina SalimiEstetica director, Dr Sina Salimi, qualified from Lund University in Sweden in 1998 and since then has taken multiple advanced courses in cosmetic dentistry, facial rejuvenation, sedation dentistry, implant and advanced reconstruction of collapsed dentition and occlusion.

Dr Salimi prides himself on providing the highest level of service, at affordable prices using the most advanced techniques and technologies.

Dental Phobia CertifiedI deliver a range of selected treatments that are complimentary to dentistry, for instance Botox and Restylane, and I am of course fully qualified in carrying out these procedures. My expertise and our friendly clinic have helped Estetica grow to be one of the busiest practices in Surrey.

Dr Sina Salimi is a Dental Phobia certified dentist. Click here to verify.