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Thread Veins

Thread veins, also often known as "spider veins "or "dermal flares or flare veins", "capillary veins", "broken veins" are fine veins that can be seen through the skin.

These veins tend to occur on the legs, face, cheek or nose. The tiny ones tend to be red in colour and the larger one purplish.

These small veins are present in everyone but are not normally visible until they expand and show through the skin. There are various reasons why they become more visible - one of these can be too much sun over the years, another is pregnancy. They may also be an inherited problem, being more obvious after mid-life because the skin has become thinner and some of the under skin layers are absorbed during later life with the veins becoming more obviously exposed.

This problem often runs in families or may develop following an injury to the leg. They are often the source of itching or aching after prolonged standing. Although unsightly they are harmless and the majority of these veins can be successfully treated.

Laser Red Vein Removal Procedure

Removing red veins using laser treatment involves the use of a high intensity laser which targets the enlarged veins and heats them to the point at which they break down and are absorbed by the body. Laser red vein removal is fast and effective with treatment times typically within the hour. So much so that many patients will combine laser treatment for red vein removal with a facial rejuvenation session to maximize the time spent in the clinic.