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The Medi-Pedi

Over the years pedicures have evolved, they began as a very basic foot treatment that used to involve shaping the nails and filling off hard skin to the more luxurious spa pedicure which involves all the basics but incorporates heavenly scents, exfoliators, hydrating masks, paraffin dips and artistic nail creations.

With the continual growth of the aesthetic Industry and the consumers continued demand for result driven treatments, foot care treatments have been under pressure to keep up with these trends too. This has led to the introduction of a new type of pedicure, namely the medical pedicure or medi pedi.

Medical Pedicure

The main difference between a medical pedicure and a traditional one is that the medical pedicure is more of a wellness pedicure that addresses the care of hard skin and callus build up on the feet through the use of pediceutical products or equipment with a strong keratolytic action. Where a traditional pedicure is more of pampering treatment and will not soften and smooth the feet as much. Unlike your basic pedicure which includes a soak, foot file, relaxing massage and a choice of a stunning polish a medical pedicure takes the pedicure service to a new level. Not only is the evolution of pedicures coming from the consumer demand for results and changes to their hard rouge calluses and also treatment of nail disorders and conditions. It is also because of the introduction of the medi clinics wanting to differentiate their services from the normal salon or spa. With a medical pedicure their patients will achieve more dramatic results.

What is the difference between a pedicure and a medical pedicure?

  • A comprehensive foot evaluation and a consultation are done on each new patient.
  • Patient records are kept and updated after each treatment.
  • Feet are generally not soaked for more than 5-10min as this can further dehydrate the skin and can possibly lead to infection in a diabetic.
  • Only professional, fully sterilized or single use disposable implements are used.
  • Electric files may be used to remove excess hard skin
  • Cuticles are gently removed using either an electric file or single use buffer without cutting into or pushing back.
  • Type of massage is done based on the medical condition of the person and lower limb evaluation for example reflexology, deep tissue etc.